About Winguru

I started my professional IT career back in 2002. Before that IT was just hobby with gaming and some basic support for friends and family. In 2002 Virtualization was in early Stage with VMware GSX on Windows and first releases of ESX. So I started with Windows OS and back from these days my Website and nickname was born: Winguru --> a Guru on Windows :-)

But I realized really quick, Windows and Microsoft in general will not be my focus. As i tried Virtualization the first time, I fell in love it :-) So I moved forward to mainly focus on Datacenter Infrastructure (FibreChannel and Storage Arrays) and Virtualization (VMware).

After 10 Years of being an Sysadmin in an Media related Company, I decided to dive into a new role as System Engineer / Consultant with an System Integrator in the Rhein-Main Area in Germany.

Today I primarily work with VMware vSphere, HPE Storage Products (Nimble, 3PAR, Primera, Simplivity), Pure Storage (Flash Array //x) and Veeam B&R. Besides that I know a lot of general Infrastructure things around that :-)

I am not a native english speaker. So you will sometimes find some not precise or pretty sentences. But I try to do my best :-)



This is the place to be for Virtualization and Datacenter stuff :-)